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The Dan Ryan, John Wesley Coleman III, Tony Presley (of Real Live Tigers), Guts Club

The Dan Ryan
“It’s a re-imagining of folk music, a la Devendra Banhart, though imagine that being recorded inside a bubble or beneath water” – Austin Town Hall

Tony Presley (of Real Live Tigers)
“Tony Presley sings beautiful folk poetry in low, undulating tones like a tearful lullaby on a quiet summer night. The purity, sincerity, and unassuming intelligence in everything he does makes your heart ache and your spirit smile.”– Hometown Heroes Music Blog

John Wesley Coleman III
"Listening to anything by John Wesley Coleman III is bound to be at least one thing: fun. He’s dubbed himself a “trash poet,” but the fact is that his work spins together comedy, music, and storytelling, all while Coleman dabbles in visual arts and screenwriting, too."– Paste

Guts Club (New Orleans)
"The murky depths of the ocean conceal all sorts of things: monstrous and mysterious giant squid, unearthly organisms that live without oxygen, degraded petroleum products headed up the food chain. According to New Orleans-based Guts Club, there are also whales with legs, and those guys are real stuck-up assholes."–Spin