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Gardener, Curved Light, Augra Nowhere, Motes Float Aloft, Tino

\\ Augra Nowhere //

\\ Curved Light //

\\ Gardener //

\\ Motes Float Aloft //

\\ Tino //

"Ex-Make Noiser Dash Lewis returns with a new set of deeply-creviced compositions for voice and modular synthesizer. All tracks are performed live, and in this four-song suite, Dash's talent for loop building and deconstruction shines.

Pieces flourish with a breadth of emotion; constantly building and churning. Heavy waves of bass cascade upon gentle layers of vocal chanting. Lights shimmer from deep within the void.

The witness is treated to a truly organic experience as vocal layers intertwine with sequenced patterns and thunderous drones. Gardener exemplifies a true "Die Mensch-Maschine" ethos. When coupled with live construction of vocal knots, one can easily appreciate the synthesizer as an actual cyber-entity as well as performative instrument."
-Joe Bastardo, Moss Archive