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Korperschwache, Schmeklehead, Ravnblod, larry the Cable Guy VS The Cable Guy, Tigre Merde, Sick Van, Feminist Slam Poetry, Slurp, Cruel Whip, Ex2, Face

Austin Noise Presents:

Korperschwache: Long-running Black/Doom/Drone/Noise project of Roy K Felps. Had several releases on the Crucial Blast label.

Schmeklehead (Dallas, TX): Experimental weird electronic noise from Dallas.

Ravnblod: Solo Black Metal project of Shane Davis from Black Vice. Also runs Red River Family Records.

Larry The Cable Guy VS The Cable Guy: Extreme Cable Buzz

Tigre Merde: Harsh Noise Boy

Sick Van: Sick Guitar Noise from Hunter Thompson

Feminist Slam Poetry: ???????

Slurp: New Goregrind project from Austin's #1 sicko Zach Fogle.

Cruel Whip: Solo Experimental Project from David Lee Petro of Xetas and Art Acevedo.

Ex2: New Noise project from Justin Vali

Face: New project from Elysium Door Man David Almgren. Modern Baroque- Fusion.