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Obsolete Machines, The Bad Invaders, The Sophies, Mode Dodeca

As we painstakingly toil to build our twisted empire in this unique Texan town that is evolving with the spontaneity of the strangely abstract Elephant Mans face...we feel drawn to share the stage with some of our close and musically fascinating friends to huddle in warmth and familiar grease....the grease of our loved ones.

Will you join us in this ambiguous slippery grease?

When our greases combine will we see a shiny new world dawning before us......probably not....probably just a lot of grease.....but regardless grease is beneficial when it comes to cooking and I'm gonna tell you right now THIS NIGHT IS GONNA BE HOT MUTHA F������s!!!!!!

Britt Malms birthday!!!!!!
Mike Hidalgos birthday!!!!!!
Come and celebrate with us!
There will be!!!
Also it's a friggin wig partay!!!!!
(So bring yo' crazy wigs)

10:00 Mode Dodeca

10:45 The Sophies

11:30 The Bad Invaders

12:15 Obsolete Machines

Just 5 dollars!