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WxTxFxIxVx?x!x vs. Aunts Analog, Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Shub-Niggurath, GLA vs. Cowboy with Anxiety, Stercoraceous Copremesis Rhinorrhea, Sink Trash, Anime Love Hotel, Kiran Arora, God Hates Figs

What better way to end 2016 than with the Trvest (and weirdest) noise m8s in town!

WxTxFxIxVx?x!x vs. Aunts Analog -
Wacos very own aspiring noise prince confronts his father, the king of Japanese style pedal smashing record selling bearded noise.

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan -
Austins bonified noise mayor. Chamelion hair color changes. Masterfully cut up absurd harsh noise.

Shub-Niggurath -
Undercover cop guitar pedal pedaler Logan G's debut show. Prepare to be frisked.

GLA vs. Cowboy with Anxiety -
Justin Davis/Fogle noise duo featuring Davis's very own grandfather; the infamous PE juggalo, Big Frit.

Stercoraceous Copremesis Rhinorrhea -
Toilet Noise

Sink Trash -
Aucoustic Trash.

Anime Love Hotel -
Micro Cassette celebrity gossip noise. Expect a lot of tears.

Kiran Arora - Crushing Guitar and Tape noise. The m8yest of m8s.

God Hates Figs - Noise rock side project of Grant C. of Feirce Deity. Owner of CTC records