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Unholy Two, James Arthur's Manhunt, XETAS, Borzoi, Missing Pages

12XU, possibly the region's 14th or 15th most important independent label (sliding down the ranks from last year, anyway) is once again marking the holiday season with a FREE SHOW at Beerland. You're asked to bring a can of food (or two) for the Capital Area Food Bank Of Texas* but as always, such donations are entirely voluntary (which isn't to say I'm above shaming non-donators on social media).

Much like past editions, this year's cast of participating players is a collection to be reckoned with. LET THE RECKONING COMMENCE

Hot on the heels of their instantly sold out 'Tongan Death Grip 2016' cassette (Loki), Unholy Two interrupt the finishing touches on their long-feared follow up to 'Talk About Hardcore' (due in 2017) with an all-too rare Austin visit.

Only their second Austin show since the summer '16 release of 'Digital Clubbing', which is just as well. While some of you continue to trot out the same feeble schtick every 5 or 6 days (like anyone's really dying to see it), James Arthur and his co-conspirators have quietly been laying in wait. And as Tom Petty once said, "the waiting is the hardest part," though he was probably talking about something else entirely (and he's pretty fucking feeble, too).

Understatement of the century to say this trio are operating at the peak of their powers and their forthcoming Ian Rundell-recorded 2nd LP (early 2017) is going to leave jaws agape. Not Richard Kiel, however, he's been dead for a couple of years now, and I'm told he prefered environmental music.

After a couple of years worth of impossibly great shows and a criminally overlooked debut 7", these fellas have now scaled heights their peers can only dream of (ie. being asked to play a free show for a food bank during a time of year normal people are on vacations and shit). New material coming via 12XU in the new year.

World premiere of an all-star ensemble featuring Stephen Svacina, Garrick Thurston, Alison Eden Copeland and Gabe Pastura. You may or may not know some of the above from their prior/ongoing works with Sweet Talk, Slow, Que Pasa? and Church Shoes, though if your answer is "not", chances are I didn't invite you anyway, in which case I could give a flying fuck what you're doing that night. In the words of Eric Bogosian, "how about a movie or something groovy / chinese food or a quaalude?" There's a world of choices out there!

* - if you cannot or would not rather attend but would still like to assist the Capital Area Food Bank, donations are accepted here :