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(EARLY SHOW) NoDAPL Benefit with Thunderosa, Choctaw Wildfire, Sacred Cowgirls

A night to come together to benefit the Water Protectors at Standing Rock! Texans need to pay it forward by supporting the fight against DAPL. Kelcy Warren, Dallas resident and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, is coming for our state soon with his Trans Pecos Pipeline. Let's stand together to stop him. Water is LIfe! #NoDAPL #NoTPPL

7:00 Sacred Cowgirls-an all-woman Bollywood cover band that puts a twist on vintage Bollywood hits.

7:30 Choctaw Wildfire-"In a town brimming with talent, Choctaw Wildfire has quickly become one of Austin's must-see acts. The Austin Chronicle calls them a 2015 "Best New Local Act" and praises their sophomore album Nowhere as one of the best local releases of 2015. While the band's raw intensity has captured the attention of the home town faithful, the intimacy and intrinsic beauty of Charlie Pierce's songs lie at the core of Choctaw Wildfire's appeal. There is great power in life's simple truths and Choctaw Wildfire proves this with every performance."

8:15 Thunderosa-"Thunderosa has been called many things, but sedate is not one of them. The Austin, Texas, band’s aggressive blend of rock and punk has a Texas twang and relentless energy. AJ Mancabelli, Thunderosa’s frontman and songwriter, describes the band as “arena rock at dive bar prices” and the “soundtrack to an ass-whuppin’.” Redglare Records

Fans of southern rock and punk relate to Thunderosa’s unrelenting rock. Motorhead, ZZ Top, Motley Crue, Southern Culture on the Skids and Supersuckers fans have become Thunderosa fans, too. As Mancabelli says, Thunderosa appeals to “minimum wage rock-n-roll mother fuckers.”


Earlier Event: December 10
Pong, We Are the Asteroid, omg wtf bbq