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The Ugly Beats, Berwanger, Will Courtney & The Wild Bunch

The latest Berwanger album, Exorcism Rock, was recorded in seven straight days of early mornings and late nights. Inspired by nightly viewings of Apocalypse Now and fueled by red wine mixed with tequila, the five members of the band ended up with an album that is maddeningly catchy in a way that brings to mind arena rock’s swagger, while still being intimate enough to not be out of place on club stages across the country.

The Ugly Beats
Tremendous Garage-Rock/Power-Pop/Folk-Punk

Will Courtney & The Wild Bunch
After spending five years touring and recording two albums as the lead singer and songwriter of the Austin, TX band, Brothers And Sisters, Will Courtney decided to pack up and move back to Los Angeles...and then to Nashville...and then to a log cabin on some land in Dripping Springs, TX. Now, after two years of being based in Santa Fe, NM, where he produced albums for other artists and toured the US and Europe as a solo artist, he’s back in Austin with a new band and a new album, Planning Escapes.��