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FREE WEEK: Total Abuse, PLAX, Borzoi, Night Court, DJ Cruel Whip

Total Abuse
"...the sort of jangled, nerve-damaged old-school hardcore that, once upon the time, helped plant the seeds for pigfuck and noise-rock." -Stereogum
"...depraved." -Austin Chronicle

Viper the Rapper (Houston)

(members of Spray Paint, Skeleton, OBN III's)

"Sure, let me turn on the music-ruining equipment." -Max, while mixing the forthcoming Borzoi 7-inch

Night Court
"Spending their wild youthful days in the glittering world of salons my ass." -Cassette Gods blog

ALSO on this (but wouldn't fit in the title) is DJ Cruel Whip, who will selekt the rarest dub-plates via iTunes version 4. You can't miss this one!-- you just aren't allowed.