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12XU XXXMas: Xetas, USA/Mexico, Borzoi, Exhalents, Rocket 808

Formerly Austin's 17th or 18th most popular independent label, 12XU celebrates a 2017 campaign that saw it slip into 39th place with the imprint's annual FREE holiday show at the happiest-place-on-earth, Beerland. Please bring a can of food for Central Texas Food Bank and all of your previous transgressions will be forgiven*

At least one high profile publication saw fit to recognize the "brain-scrambling...sonic muck" on USA/Mexico's debut LP, 'Laredo'. And that's supposed to be a good review! The internet is a seriously tough town.

Xetas' 2nd album, 'The Tower', won widespread acclaim, they completed a pair of national tours and yet they're still playing a free show FOR SCRAPS OF FOOD at year's end. Somebody's screwing up royally (and I think that someone is you).

Borzoi began the year as one of the label's brightest hopes but by the time December rolled around, one local scribe accused them of being "too weird for their own good" and fuck if that doesn't sound like an epitaph for James Franco. Don't know about you, but I can't wait to see how these guys get off the mat.

Exhalants feature persons you know and love from (NAME REDACTED) and have pretty much blown everyone away that's been lucky enough to catch their first several shows. What's the likelihood they've already peaked? YOU CAN'T HAVE A BACKLASH WITHOUT A FRONTLASH FIRST

Rocket 808 is John Schooley aka John Schooley on guitar accompanied by drum machine. You can expect a brutal collision of the raw (though not as raw as if we started a fire by rubbing two sticks together) and the modern (though not as modern as a smartphone app that fires your bandmates for you)

your DJ's for the evening are the returning John Vomitnose and new-to-this-particular fray, Katherine Strickland.

* - this isn't legally binding.


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