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Mind Spiders, Dead Space, Nameless Frames, Missing Pages

One night only! Mind Spiders are back at Beerland, Texas along with the return of the Dead Space! Nameless Frames and Missing Pages will assist in bursting your ear drums.

Friday 2/10:

\\ Mind Spiders //
Based in Ft. Worth, TX, Mind Spider’s launched pretty much immediately after Mark’s last project, the well-loved, highly-influential Marked Men went on indefinite hiatus at the beginning of 2009. Keyboard and guitar blend seamlessly into ominous, bleak (yet somehow still super catchy!) dark pop explorations, also incorporating postpunk, bedroom pop, krautrock, and tons of other obscure references along the way.

\\ The Dead Space //
The return of Ausitin's favorite purveyors of dark, isolated post-punk sounds, The Dead Space play only their second show of the last year. Don't miss it.

\\ Nameless Frames //
Fevered punk rock from Austin featuring past/current members of Love Collector, The Zoltars, Smithers, The Fells and French Inhales. Sounds like early waves of English and Australian punk crashing into the trash-covered shores of Texas.

\\ Missing Pages //
Missing Pages is a new group led by Sweet Talk's Stephen Svacina featuring Garrick Thurston of Slow and Ali Ditto and Gabriel Pastura of ¿Que Pasa?.