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The Zoltars, Quin Galavis, Unknown Relatives, Missing Pages

\\ The Zoltars //
"The Zoltars are their own Michelin star-rated greatness; inventive by completely skewing a trendy version of garage rock that will come and go with every new generational tweak." - Tiny Mix Tapes

\\ Quin Galavis //
Quin Galavis is an Experimental Songwriter from Austin TX. Behind the stage and on it for 14 years, he is also a member of The Dead Space, Nazi Gold and False Idol. Already with an extensive body of work spanning many genres, Quin Galavis continues his musical journey with friends & other creative allies.

\\ Uknown Relatives //
"Strangely expansive, slightly psychedelic garage-rock that's redolent of both the Wipers and former Austin buzz band Harlem." - FUCKIN SPIN MAGAZINE

\\ Missing Pages //
Missing Pages is a new group led by Sweet Talk's Stephen Svacina featuring Garrick Thurston of Slow and Ali Ditto and Gabriel Pastura of ¿Que Pasa?