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Bob Bucko Jr, More Eaze, Kiran Arora, Waco Girls, Dromez, Spider Sabich, Big Wolf on Campus

@ Beerland
9pm - 2am
$5 / 21+

Austin Noise presents: SXSW Hangover Party!
You've had a week to unwind after the stress of SXSW, time to get agitated by some Noise badboys again.


Bob Bucko Jr. (IA)
Improvisations for guitar and voice by Iowa's #1 touring maniac Bob Bucko Jr. finally making his Austin debut after years of traveling around the country. Runs the FANTASTIC Noise/Avant-Garde label Personal Archives.

Dakota Hogback (CA)
Death Industrial/Power Electronics by former Austin resident and Los Angeles bad boy Hunter Shaw. Runs Noise/Synth/Experimental label Abject Renaissance.

Y'all hopefully already know, but if ya don't: Austin's favorite Harsh Noise artist has returned from her temporary stay in Ohio and is ready to shred eardrums with piercing vocals and a mountain of distortion.

Sunk Cost
New, more focused attempt at mechanical, grinding Harsh Noise by Breakdancing Ronald Reagan's Johnathan Cash. All aesthetics, gimmicks, and theatrics stripped away in favor of pure 90s-style American HN worship.

Waco Girls
A rarely-seen performance by one of the most mysterious local Experimental music ensembles to ever grace Austin's many stages and floors. Harsh Electronics, extreme performance, trashy rock n' roll, ol' fashioned jams. Featuring no one from Waco.

More Eaze
Twisted Pop tremors spoken in a Harsh Noise whisper. Sometimes jams, sometimes chills. Marcus Rubio has established himself as the king of many styles; from heartfelt Indie/Folk-Pop to extreme Noise to minimal Ambient experiments to Vapor-wha? electronic composition.

Spider Sabich
Solo guitar/pedalboard jams from 12XU founder & local anti-hero Gerard Cosloy (Air Traffic Controllers, ex-GG Allin & the Holy Men lolol).

Kiran Arora
Guitar, tape, & homemade contact mic'd devices slayer Kiran Arora brings another slab of his highbrow Harsh Noise freakouts to the Beerland stage. Hopefully y'all are starting to figure out how fucking sick this dude is and I don't gotta use anymore fancy words to sell his sets to you.

++ the DJ stylings of..