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Plutonium Farmers, Cellular Chaos, Scammers, Night Loner, Sick Van, Weird Violence

madcap NY no wave band Cellular Chaos returns to Austin on Wednesday, 12 April at Beerland, Texas.

Plutonium Farmers: dynamic noise rock trio of Jonathan Horne (The Young Mothers; Ichi Ni San Shi), Aaron Dugan (Magnifico) and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (The Thing; Atomic; The Young Mothers)

Cellular Chaos: (Skin Graft recs, ex Flying Luttenbachers)
"The frantic slam of NYC quartet Cellular Chaos draws a bit on the no-wave leanings of their guitarist Weasel Walter as well as the quivering frenzy of his excellent 1990s band Lake of Dracula. But there's something of-the-moment about their sound too, especially in the urgency of singer Admiral Grey... Cellular Chaos' fire has a singular crackle, one that sounds pretty impossible to extinguish." - Pitchfork

Scammers: experimental R&B/pop from Kansas City MO


Sick Van: non-performance-non-art ffo The Shadow Ring, Harry Pussy, Air Traffic Controllers? in some universe this band has already happened

Weird Violence: member(s) of Grandpa Lies Again

Youthful Masturbation Techniques:
I am sure you have great records, but allowing an act to put a rat in a jar with little cups of semen and blood is just way to far. I was told by someone who worked their that they were gonna buy the musical act; or performance artist a prostitute, so they could make her eat cum, but couldn't afford it, so they made a rat do it. Also wearing an Israeli flag is pretty disrespectful to say the least. Seriously disturbed people.