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NAARC (ATL), Lustron, Uncle Jesus

Clear your schedule and come catch NAARC from Atlanta as they swing through Austin! Sure to be a night of eclectic acts featuring all things hard and sandpapery. Guaranteed to be a better time than being chased by a disembodied funtioning chainsaw and more engaging than watching the modern world crumble on your Facebook feed! Starts at 9. $5 at door.

NAARC-Discernible synth melodies. Dance beats. Churning guitar. Pink/white noise. Unconscionable industrial-disco.

Lustron- Nursery rhymes for adults with fractured lives combined with that sound a toaster makes when you throw it in a bathtub full of hot soda.

Uncle Jesus- That weird family member that no one cares to talk about that may or may not be our lord and savior with a kickin' back beat and heavy guitar.