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Vampyre (Tour Kickoff), JT Kelley, Riot Punch, Exhalants, Left Limbs

Come wish Vampyre and JT Kelley good luck as they head into the abyss of the midwest bringing laughter and dope ass riffs to people who live in the world of kevin costners field of dreams.
Vampyre will also be Releasing the new dope ass mix tape HOT EARS at this fine event. RIOT PUNCH is gonna fuck you up son With dope ass bass riffs and pounding punk drums with duling snake skin boot wearing guitar swagger. god dayum mother fucker. Home dads Exhalants will be bringing there rad tone of unwound,slint and Albini worship to the party as they blow out everyones ear drumbs. Left limbs will also be bringing the weird as they push you into a existential crisis of how you have been looking at music all wrong. This is gonna be DOPE AS FUCK YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!