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Thompson Springs, Belcurve, Coattails, Holiday Music


Doors @ 9pm -- $5 -- 21+

Thompson Springs (Chicago) touring their latest EP, Fond Regards, a hazy folk rock effort with contributions from Rob Laakso of Kurt Vile and the Violators and Pat Sansone of Wilco and The Autumn Defense.

Belcurve is the melding of Sarah Castro’s unique brand of lyrics, vocal range, and melodies with Matt Parmenter’s (producer) lifelong mission to wring the strangest sounds out of even stranger gear and studio toys. This is glued together by Michael Peters’ rhythms, which range from restrained and soft to all out muscular assaults. Deidre Gott adds a layer of clear, resonant harmonies and sonic landscapes, and Blue Mongeon’s versatile guitar work adds sweetness, power, and depth. Alternating seamlessly between catchy pop tunes and haunting melodic rock, Belcurve is a slightly bent framework of talented human beings creating songs that will you make you feel at once pleasant, strange, and feisty.

Texas fuzz rock

Holiday Music
Psych pop

711 1/2 Red River