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A Giant Dog, Trouble Boys, Pretty Shitty, DJ Tipton

A Giant Dog February Residency - Every Thursday Of The Month!

Doors: 8pm
Featuring: A Giant Dog / Trouble Boys / Pretty Shitty / DJ Tipton
> A Giant Dog

Austin's A Giant Dog, formed in 2008, is raucous ear candy culled from the hook-driven melodies of Slade, the glammy swagger of Marc Bolan, the morbid fantasy of Killer-era Alice Cooper, and the unpredictable wit of Sparks. Sabrina and Andrew’s lyrics, equal parts brutally honest, clever, and debased, have a knack for taking their idiosyncratic depravities and making them feel universal. These songs are by, for, and about the losers, freaks, and outcasts. The lonely. The terminally horny. Boozehounds and party animals. No band better speaks to the hearts of slackers, burnouts, rockers, sluts, and creeps everywhere than A Giant Dog.

AGD have built their reputation blowing the goddamned doors off every venue in Austin. Live, they are loud, heavy, electrifying. Sabrina struts around the stage like Iggy Pop channeling Tina Turner. Andrew hurls himself from the summit of the speaker stack. Graham’s headbanging clobbers anything close to him. The audience rages, asses shake, and everyone leaves drenched in beer and bodily fluids.

> Trouble Boys

Austin-based trio Trouble Boys charge full-on with a sound that’s all about the debauchery of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s pretty clear-cut: Jimmy Wildcat, Erich Jaymes and bad boy Benny Trouble stir up all the insanity that rock, punk and power pop have to offer and friggin’ run with it. If you’re not having fun with these guys, you must not have a pulse. Not for the faint of heart, but that’s the kind of jolt you need, pal.

Earlier this month, the Boys released their new EP, Trouble Boys 2, on cassette and digitally. But for their upcoming tour, they’ll have a new 7-inch vinyl release to take along with them, featuring two tracks off the EP, “My Own Way” and a cover of a tune originally done by The Rubinoos, “Rock N Roll Is Dead.”

> Pretty Shitty

"Looking pretty and sounding shitty deep in the heart of Texas!"

The first thing that grabs your attention is the band;s name. It seems to be a perfect, succinct description of the times. And the times call for loud, in-your-face agitators like Pretty Shitty. The next thing you notice is the energy, with vocalist Moses leading the charge in theatricality. The one-named wonder is a performing spectacle, drawing the audience in with passion for the music that borderlines on mania.

> DJ Tipton