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Black Widow Cinema: NAKED KILLER

Brace your eyeballs for the wildest CAT III rager about a secret society of hitwomen who chain perverts in basements, stab scumbags in the crotch with scissors, and decapitate playboys in the club. Featuring amazing '90s fashions, cartoon crazy production design, and the most off the rails English dub I've ever heard in my life, NAKED KILLER needs to be witnessed on the largest screen possible to be believed!

This movie plays like the most feral and manic erotic thriller dressed in a Hong Kong action popped collar trench coat. Not one but FOUR gone girl assassins chuck exploding hats like frisbees and kick flip corporate goons and try on fly outfits at the mall and sip milk on chaise lounges. A real wild and volatile non-stop FUN time at the movies!

Drag your friends to Beerland for a truly extra BASIC INSTINCT meets HARD BOILED experience. NAKED KILLER aims to please with the ultimate overdriven power fantasy where every slovenly creep meets justice at the end of a dumbbell or switchblade or exploding hat. Did I mention the exploding hat? See this movie. See the hat. Bask in NAKED KILLER’s wild gunplay and lurid melodrama and savage put downs and tite outfits and slick gore with a crowd for maximum over the top impact! You'll never eat a sausage at a crime scene again! (Pat)

Doors at 8:30. Movie at 9PM sharp. Trivia with prizes. FREE!