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EARLY SHOW: Dawn & Dupree, Longriver


Dawn & Dupree is a new musical collaboration between songwriters Alex Dupree and Iva Dawn. Turns out they both lived in Austin and Houston during the same years, but they didn't properly meet until one night at a bar in Los Angeles. A shared affection for classic country and good storytelling brought them together (a little tequila didn't hurt either). Soon enough the two were sharing playlists of Nancy & Lee, George & Tammy, Conway & Loretta, and the idea for a duets project was hatched.

Iva Dawn comes from a family of Utah country singers, but she's spent the last couple years mixing up exotica and rockabilly with producer Tom Biller in her quest to become the female Scott Walker. Alex Dupree has been working on his Willie Nelson impression with the LA band Mister Paradise and releasing his own art-folk songs with the Austin label Keeled Scales. For both Dawn & Dupree, country music has always been somewhere in the list of influences; they just decided the time was right to stop running from it.

Another regular at the bar had a bunch of recording equipment, and pretty soon Dawn & Dupree found themselves holed up in a cabin in Crestline, CA with a couple songs, a hot band, and four days to try and make some music. The two songs on this 7", "It's Only Me" and "California Worryin'" came from that session, and there's more on the way.

Longriver was born David Longoria in Houston, Texas. He is a singer, songwriter, and poet living in Austin. Influenced by the songs of Bob Dylan, Charley Patton, John Fahey, Rolling Stones, Hank Williams, etc., Longriver plays guitar and harmonica.

"In his former quartet The Black, David Longoria unraveled a Dylan-esque twang and rolling lyrics bursting through a rockabilly energy. Now, the Austin songwriter and poet (Longriver) turns towards an intimate folk. The intricate guitar work that highlighted last year’s demos and cassette-only debut hearkened John Fahey as Longriver spins mesmerizing acoustic soundscapes."

7pm (early show ends at 9pm)