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Austin Jukebox #12 with Body/Head, The Austerity Program, USA/Mexico, exhalants


Austin Jukebox in partnership with The SIMS Foundation proudly presents:


> Body/Head [MA] - Body/Head is the experimental guitar project of Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth, Free Kitten, Harry Crews, + more) and Bill Nace (an experimental/improv guitarist who has worked with numerous musicians and groups, including Thurston Moore, Paul Flaherty, Joe McPhee, James Twig Harper, + more). Formed officially in early 2012 (though they began working together in 2011), Body/Head released their first album, Coming Apart (Matador Records), in 2013, their second album, No Waves (Matador), in late 2016, and will release their third album, The Switch (Matador), on July 13th. This is currently their only Texas date and will be their first performance in Austin.


> The Austerity Program [NY] - The Austerity Program is a noise rock/alt metal duo that formed in NYC in 1997. Formed by Thad Calabrese and Justin Foley initially as Polonium in the mid-90s, the group's sound centers around the use of a drum machine. The Austerity Program released two EPs and a full length album on Hydra Head before creating their own label, Controlled Burn, to release their second album, Beyond Calculation (2014). The album would be selected by Rolling Stone Magazine for their 20 Best Metal Albums of 2014 list.


> USA/Mexico [ATX] - USA/Mexico are an Austin-based noise rock trio consisting of guitarist Craig Clouse (of Shit & Shine), drummer King Coffey (of Butthole Surfers), and bassist Nate Cross (of Marriage). The group released their debut album, Laredo (12XU/Riot Season), in June of last year.


> exhalants [ATX] - exhalants are a new noise rock trio based in Austin. Led by Steve Pike (Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes) and rounded out by Thomas Rabon (Body Pressure, Innards) and Bill Indelicato (Oozer), the band self-released their demo tape, democore, last October and are currently preparing their forthcoming debut album.




at Beerland, Texas (711 Red River)

on Saturday, 15 September 2018


***No ticket pre-sales; pay at the door***


Free T-shirts while supplies last!


This is the twelfth show of the quarterly series, Austin Jukebox; with the goal of bringing together acts from different genres that are interesting, weird and/or cool, the aim of the series is to provide an experience that is unique, refreshing and something to talk about.


The SIMS Foundation started in 1995 in memory of local musician Sims Ellison to provide access and financial support for mental health and addiction recovery services to Austin music industry professionals and their families.


Special thanks to our sponsor, Crosspick Studio!


Crosspick Studio is an up and coming small recording studio based in Austin, TX. Crosspick will provide a welcoming and empowering studio experience for any band/musician, regardless of prior recording experience, and wants to work especially closely with members of the queer community, women, and people of color (however any band/musician is welcome to record at the studio, even if they do not directly fall into one of those categories).


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