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SXSW DAY: Swamp Club Day Show


SWAMP CLUB is a celebration of music from New Orleans bands and beyond.

Doors @ 12:00pm
1:00-1:25- Bruisey Peets (New Olreans)
1:40- 2:05- Brewster (New Jersey)
2:20- 2:45- Never Ever (New Orleans)
3:00- 3:25- Conor Donohue (New Orleans)
3:40- 4:05- Guts Club (New Orleans)
4:20- 4:45- Lonesome Heroes (Austin)
5:00- Julie Odell (New Orleans)


Bruisey Peets
From swamp to shining swamp Bruisey Peets (Ben Usie) gurgles and pulses with his unique brand of noisy electronic pop. Political yet confessional, Bruisey Peets utilizes samplers, murky delays, analog synths and an old reel to reel 8 track recorder to create sonic landscapes over which to croon.

With a focus on natural and subdued textures and songwriting, Mark Bucci blends Alternative American Rock through a patient, indie-hinged bedroom lens. The end result is a collection of catchy, contemporary songs with thoughtful lyricism and a grounded, relatable aesthetic.

Never Ever
Master naturalist, painter, and songwriter, Lauren Hemard creates rustic folk songs with a ghostly, country flare.

Conor Donohue
Originally from Long Island, Conor Donohue spent nine years in the South Carolina music scene that birthed the roots-rock success story Shovels & Rope and features a constellation of likeminded musicians who combined rootsy songcraft with a garage-indebted DIY sensibility. The communal connection comes through in the ragged elegance of Donohue’s compositions, which bounce from barebones soul rave-ups to Tom Waits junkyard grooves with a kind of willful impetuousness that belies his background as a jazz studies major at the College of Charleston.

Guts Club
"Guts Club you might know as the cracked and slithering quasi-country act of New Orleans’ Lindsey Baker... 'Trench Foot' will be Baker’s third release as Guts Club, following 2016’s 'Shit Bug' and 2015’s 'The Arm Wrestling Tournament.' However and whatever you know, I hope that you’ll trust me when I say there is little else out there quite like the razor-direct intensity of Baker’s lyricism in Guts Club."- Tiny Mix Tapes

The Lonesome Heroes
Austin’s Lonesome Heroes reside at the cosmic junction of indie rock and country. Led by frontman Rich Russell’s never-ending call of the road, the group have toured extensively behind two acclaimed albums across continents on both sides of the world, while never straying too far from their “Cosmic Americana” roots.

Julie Odell
"Julie Odell’s music is like a secret recipe or a great bar next to your house that you’ve only just discovered. Most everyone who hears her sing knows they’ve discovered something special and can’t imagine a time before they knew she existed." -OffBeat Magazine