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There's no practical reason why an not-especially popular independent label and an all-but-dormant sports blog should engage in a tiresome BRANDING EXERCISE during this special time of year, but some traditions die hard (and rest assured, this one will die, too, perhaps sooner rather than later). But on the more hopeful side of things, YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF FUCKING LEMMINGS with the sort of critical faculties a prior generation's HOUSE PETS would've been embarrassed by. Maybe a handful of you will actually attend this spectacular event and to be perfectly honest, the performing artists and organizer(s) responsible exist in a such rarified company, it'll take years, maybe decades before spring's collection of cultural tourists and local philistines can really sort out what happened.

Running order TBA. Admission is free.

Versus (NYC)
Xetas (Austin)
Borzoi (Austin)
Buck Gooter (Harrisonburg, VA)
Trampoline Team (New Orleans)
Shark Toys (Los Angeles)
Pscience (New Orleans)
Rat Bastard (Miami)