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Community Roundtable Discussions


Community Roundtable Sessions #1

An Examination Of the Complex World Surrounding Depression, Suicide & Related Issues

April 22, at Beerland, Texas
Doors 7:00pm
Event 7:30pm

The 1st in a new quarterly series bringing together a small group of talented and experienced people to discuss in a roundtable format a topic that not only affects our community, but perhaps is either not understood enough by many or not discussed openly enough for significant improvement to be made in that particular area or topic.

This roundtable discussion will be an examination of depression, suicide, and the various resulting ripple effects that often accompany these complex issues. We’ll have a Q&A after the roundtable with the audience that allows for serious, yet calm and thoughtful discussion and exchange of ideas, in an environment that is low stress and welcoming to all.

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Kimberly Arlinghaus, Patsy Dolan, and Thor Harris as the roundtable participants for this Session:

Dr. Kimberly Arlinghaus is a psychiatrist practicing in Cedar Park ( Her career spans 30+ years in general adult psychiatry as a physician, teacher, researcher, and administrator. She is a staunch mental health advocate, stamping out stigma by sharing her own personal journey through trauma and depression as well as encouraging people to seek help in order to live healthier and happier lives.

Patsy Dolan Bouressa is the Clinical Director of the SIMS Foundation. In her career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she has worked in a variety of settings with individuals of all ages dealing with mental health and substance use issues. Patsy is active in the community, serving on a variety of committees, in an effort to de-stigmatize these issues and to help create a better system to serve those in need.

Thor Harris is a name many in the music world will recognize as an accomplished musician playing with bands such as Swans, Thor & Friends, Xiuxiu, Bill Callahan, Shearwater, and others. But he is also known far and wide for his work helping people facing depression and other mental illness. He’s especially qualified to take part in this event because not only does he help people with these issues, but he has chronicled his own struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts in a graphic novel “Ocean of Despair “ as well as a short film on The Mental Health Channel. Thor is a shining example of someone that has been able to face his own issues and inspire others and literally save lives through his work.

This and other upcoming Sessions in the series are meant to be open and welcoming to anyone in the community that wants to attend, not just our local music community.

Whether you’ve been personally affected by these issues or would just like to learn more about them and how they can affect people we know and love and the community at large, we hope that you’ll join us. Our goal is to not place blame on anyone or project morality views on to others, but rather to attempt to bring these complex subjects more into the public forum because they are still considered taboo to a large degree in many quarters.

We think and hope that discussion about serious topics like this in a more comfortable setting will at least help to begin a discussion that could help individuals, as well as overall, discover ways to begin to better understand and confront these issues in our community.


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